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CallTheDoc replaces many time consuming and costly ER and Urgent Care visits. Each group has different goals and the flexible technology platform and plan designs can be customized to help any group achieve its healthcare access objectives.

Return on Investment

How patients would have been treated without access to CallTheDoc



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Utilizing employee base, current costs and other variables, ROI models are available on request to illustrate the dramatic savings realized with CallTheDoc.

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For Businesses

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Provide excellent protection to your employees and their families at a very low cost while you make extra profit.

For Businesses

Call the Doc Benefits

As many as 66% of urgent care and emergency room visits are unnecessary and patients could be effectively treated with a telephone, email or video consultation with CallTheDoc. By shifting the unnecessary visits to CallTheDoc’s lower cost telemedicine service, employers can dramatically reduce healthcare cost.

Employees can address common medical issues without leaving work. CallTheDoc’s services are the most cost effective and convenient healthcare access.

  • Lower annual health care costs
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Enhanced productivity
  • No open enrollment period
  • No denials or pre-existing conditions

CallTheDoc membership delivers value and convenience to your group. CallTheDoc lets you improve the quality and affordability of your members’ health care coverage. CallTheDoc improves enrolment and retention in your groups. CallTheDoc’s value-added health access benefit is an attractive recruitment and retention tool for the uninsured or under-insured. CallTheDoc removes both financial and geographic barriers to physician accessibility. Individuals who are satisfied with their insurance coverage also benefit from the convenience of CallTheDoc’s 24/7 physician access.

  • Differentiate your association benefits
  • Boost member recruitment and retention
  • Provide members-only access to online health tools
  • Cater to rural residents and frequent travelers
  • Lower members' healthcare expenditures

Health plans are adapting to the new rules of the Affordable Care Act. CallTheDoc is providing custom solutions to payors to help address patient access to care and cost reduction. CallTheDoc’s HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software platform enables seamless and secure medical consultations between patients and providers via voice, video, email.

  • Value-added benefit for your clients
  • Differentiate with this innovative product
  • Provide access to a nationwide network of doctors
  • New revenue stream
  • Accessible anytime, from anywhere
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Provide a valuable healthcare benefit

Health Systems can expand their reach, enhance their brand, and offer additional services by providing secure telephonic and video consultations anytime, anywhere. CallTheDoc’s telehealth system, provides on demand access to clinicians with a robust technology platform providing immediate and convenient access for consultations via seamless and secure voice, video, email and mobile devices.

  • Expand offering to local patients & employers
  • Improve patient outcome and reduce readmissions
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve rural access and community outreach
  • Generate revenue
  • Improve patient access
  • Improve health system productivity
  • Enhance care coordination and readiness for accountable care, through remote monitoring